Custom Made Jewellery

We specialize in custom made 1 off pieces. Donna has been making custom pieces for over 25 years. From time to time you will see me working on pieces in videos and images we post on social media.

Designing from scratch or combining a few rings from the range is what Donna does best. With a wealth of knowledge we can pretty much make any piece of jewellery you can wish for. Anything you see in a traditional jewellery store Nesian can make it, whether it has the Island flare or is plain. Donna also specializes in diamonds, so if you need a bis sparkler for your love, Donna can source it at the best price. This includes rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces earrings, anklets. 

It starts with a consultation, you bring your ideas, needs wants and desires and we have a conversation either face to face or via email. Once you are comfortable we then continue with ruff designs and concepts. Once go ahead is given,  I can then get to work on your special piece. 

My workshop is on the Northside of Brisbane and appointments are available. I'm easy to reach either via the socials, text or email. Below is the outline for how it works.

-Client sends through ideas/styles/designs they like, Info needed are colour and carat of gold, finger sizes, ruff budget, date needed for, and location.
-I give rough quote
-Start and finish dates are discussed
-Firm quote is given
-Draft sketch/drawings are sent to client
-Deposit is made
-Payments start, once 50% is paid Donna starts making, once paid in full item is finished and sent out. Can take about 2 weeks to complete after final payment to be sent out.
-Item is made

As a ruff guide custom pieces take about 6-8 weeks from start to finish. 

Please note we are in Australia in Brisbane to allow for shipping time.

Below is a piece Donna made a while ago, drawings to finished piece. We believe our pieces are classic with a Poylnesian touch.