About us

Hi everyone my name is Donna Roberts - I'm the jeweller and designer behind Nesian Creations, a jewellery brand based around modern South Pacific Island motifs.  Based in Brisbane Australia, I personally make each order in my workshop on the northside of Brisbane. Being a manufacturing  jeweller for nearly 30 years, my knowledge within the industry is extensive, and am highly experienced in gemstones, pearls, precious metals, and all things that involve making beautiful high end jewellery. The day to day running of the business is also handled by myself as well, so you know you're dealing with the person who is actually going to be making your piece. 

Nesian Creations was started back in the early 2000's when I met my now husband, who is of Samoan heritage. Steve like a lot of men, didn't wear any jewellery and I offered to make him a piece...So off I went and starting talking to Steve's family, asking what particular patterns and designs were...once I got an understanding of the motifs, then came the design process. It has now developed into a stunning range of Pacific Inspired Jewellery. Years later a facebook page shared a bad photo of some early rings I had made, and it spread like crazy. I will be forever grateful to the "Samoan Weddings' facebook page.

As time goes on, it is my hope that either my daughter or one of my nieces or nephews will take an interest in making jewellery and will also want to work with me, so the brand has a lasting legacy. It would be so wonderful if my girl met someone who tells her - 'your mum made my rings a very long time ago' and for her to be building her own legacy with Polynesian jewellery design, with her own children.