Commonly asked Questions

-HOW DO I GET MY FINGER SIZE?................Answer - A correct finger size is measured at a jeweller with a set of steel rings. Your finger size is best done with a thin band, this gives me your finger size, from there I adjust the 'ring' size according to how wide the ring you have ordered, is. It will either be a letter or number or both. Do not measure with a piece of string, or by holding a ring over an image of a circle, or on a ruler. 

-HOW LONG WILL MY ORDER TAKE.........Answer - Currently as the banner says, 6 weeks for me to make plus shipping time. Australian shipping is approx 2 days, international shipping is aprox 2 weeks.

-HOW DO I SET UP A LAYBY?.......... Answer - 

Please send through the following information, via email -

Please read in full.


Shipping Address

Style or model numbers of the pieces or images

Colour of gold

Carat of gold

Finger size

I will then give you a total for your order, your order reference will be your name.

-DO YOU HAVE A STORE?...............Answer - Currently no, because I don't carry any stock, and I only make to order in my workshop. I am working on this though fingers crossed for a showroom in 2021.

-WHERE ARE YOU BASED?............Answer - I'm in Brisbane Australia, on the northside in the suburb of Banyo

-CAN MY RING BE SIZED IF IT DOESN'T FIT?........Answer - Most of the ladies rings have a small blank area in the back for future resizing to be very easy, so yes. The wedding bands that have patterns all the way around them, can be resized yes. All my rings are carated gold so resizing can be done at any time, BUT when I resize you will see an interruption of the pattern, whether with a blank area of gold or where the solder join is. So yes they can be sized but you will see where I have done the resize. This also applies to repairing, any fixing that needs doing can be done to your Nesian rings.