Commonly asked Questions

-HOW DO I GET MY FINGER SIZE?................Answer - A correct finger size is measured at a jeweller with a set of steel rings. Your finger size is best done with a thin band, this gives me your finger size, from there I adjust the 'ring' size according to how wide the ring you have ordered, is. It will either be a letter or number or both. Do not measure with a piece of string, or by holding a ring over an image of a circle, or on a ruler. 

-HOW LONG WILL MY ORDER TAKE.........Answer - Currently as the banner says, 6 weeks for me to make plus shipping time. Australian shipping is approx 2 days, international shipping is aprox 2 weeks.


-DO YOU HAVE A STORE?...............Answer - A traditional jewellery store? - No, because I don't carry any stock, BUT I do have a nice office and workshop in Northgate Brisbane, where we can meet and discuss your custom design. By appointment only.

-WHERE ARE YOU BASED?............Answer - I'm in Brisbane Australia, on the northside in the suburb of Northgate.

-CAN MY RING BE SIZED IF IT DOESN'T FIT?........Answer - Most of the ladies rings have a small blank area in the back for future resizing to be very easy, so yes. The wedding bands that have patterns all the way around them, can be resized yes. All my rings are carated gold so resizing can be done at any time, BUT when I resize you will see an interruption of the pattern, whether with a blank area of gold or where the solder join is. So yes they can be sized but you will see where I have done the resize. This also applies to repairing, any fixing that needs doing can be done to your Nesian rings.

-DO WE DO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING? ...... Answer -  Yes, we ship to most places, but currently do not ship to France and the UK.  Please check with us for latest shipping information when planning to order as it constantly changes.

-DO YOU DO LAYBY? ........ Answer - Yes. Just head to the website, and place your order as normal, all prices are in AUD.  Hit "bank transfer" as payment option.  This takes you to the end, and I get your order with all the info I need, without putting funds down.
Payments can be made via your  Paypal or Bank Transfer.
Please note -  payments are not done through the Nesian website – payments are done via your paypal acc, or your internet banking. From your acc to ours. Its then recorded on your order which Donna works from.
If you are outside Australia – payments are easiest done via paypal.
PAYPAL:    Our account name:
Account Name: Demarge Layby
Bank: NAB
BSB: 084-209
Account: 765-107-563
Please use your name as reference for all payments please note work doesn’t commence until 50% has been paid
Term 3 months
Min deposit is 20% of the order amount,
Payments must be made regularly (weekly or fortnightly)
Once 50% of items are paid they will go into production (making the jewellery)
Once paid in full, items will be completed, process can take between 2 to 3 weeks.
Cancellation of order – all monies will be refunded less deposit ie 20% of the order
Failure to make deposit within 36 hours of making and order results in order being cancelled
Please note failure to pay goods off over the 3 month period will result in order being cancelled and loss of deposit.


France  England  unfortunately jewellery is on the prohibited list.


-Natural diamonds are mined and come for the earth.

-Lab grown diamonds are gown in a laboratory

-Lab growns are phyically and chemically identical to natural diamonds.

- No one can pick a Lab grown diamond from a mined diamond without very expensive gemologists equipment

- Our LG,s are certified and of the highest quality and are lazer inscribed

- LGD are graded just like a natural diamond ie the 4 c,s colour clarity cut carat weight

- Lab grown diamonds do not hold their value and are currently dropping in price and  value. This is important if you are ever wanting to resell.

-Natural diamond holds value and slowly increases over time

-Lab grown diamonds are substantially less dollar value than mined diamonds