NC24768 - Large Spear Ring

Nesian Creations


Big hands need big rings to stand out and at 10mm wide, this ring is it. One off our first designs and it's one of our most popular ring for the guys. It is made in 925 silver.

All Nesian Creations rings are made to order according to your finger size, measured only at a jeweller with a thin ring, and take up to 4-5 weeks to produce.
Australia wide shipping 2 days.
*International buyers please allow an additional 2 weeks for shipping (with tracking).

Anything made from silver can easily turn black. It Is a common occurrence and a chemical reaction. Silver reacts to sulphur and hydrogen. Things that will turn silver black include ‚Air pollution, wearing your items in water, window cleaner, chlorine ie swimming pools, minerals that are in water, sulphur, acid from our skin, latex gloves, wool, elastic items, also eggs, salad dressing, and onions.

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